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 At Southern Illinois Bank, we have a combination of safeguards in place to protect our customers, including employee training, rigorous security standards, data encryption and fraud detection.  We hope you find these steps in safeguarding your identity helpful in managing and minimizing further risk and exposure.

 You can take these steps to avoid becoming a victim:

 ***** Don't give your Social Security, personal credit information or account numbers to anyone who calls you.
 ***** Tear up or shred receipts, old bank statements and unused credit card offers before throwing them away.
 ***** Watch for missing mail and don't mail bills from your own mailbox with the flag up.
 *****Review your bank and credit card statments as soon as you receive them to check for unauthorized transactions.
 *****Don 't open e-mail from unknown sources and use virus detection software.

We wear jeans on Friday to help our communities


 Every Friday employees have the opportunity to wear jeans for a small donation.

Once a year each branch chooses a local charity to receive these funds.

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 Visit one of our lobbies during regular banking hours and we will be glad to assist you.

This is a cash only transaction and a small fee is applied.


General Debit Card Information


 Southern Illinois Bank continually works to protect our customers from the risk of scams. In an effort to provide you with the best fraud prevention we utilize a fraud detection monitoring system that watches over your debit card activity 24 hours a day.
 It is your responsibility as the owner of the account to monitor monthly statements for any unusual activity. If you notice anything unusual please contact the bank immediately.


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 CheckProtect: A New Standard of Check Delivery

At SIB, we know you depend on us to provide you with a variety of financial services while protecting your personal information. That's why we take many steps to safeguard the confidential information you entrust to us.

One such step is selecting CheckProtect as our new standard of delivery for personal check orders that you purchase from us. Why? Because your checks are so much more than paper. They represent your checking account and the services associated with it, such as your debit card, automatic withdrawal payments and direct deposits-all of which could need to be re-established if your check order does not arrive to you safely.

CheckProtect provides you with an improved level of security at a low cost by offering:

  • Tamper-evident polywrap packaging that helps conceal your checks
  • Fully trackable deliveries, so you know where your checks are
  • Estmated delivery dates that let you know when to expect your order

Working closely with our check program provider, Harland Clarke, we can provide this valuable service at a competitive price. The charge for CheckProtect will be added to the price of any check design you choose to purchase, and the total amount will be deducted from your account when you place your next order.

If you have questions about the benefits of CheckProtect, visit



NOTICE: At Southern Illinois Bank, one of our responsibilities that we take very seriously is the safeguarding of your personal and financial information. Whether you're banking online, by phone or visiting one of our branches, we are committed to protecting your personal information. Remember: Unless you initiated the contact, Southern Illinois Bank will NOT request your personal information by email, phone or U.S. mail. Never give our personal information in response to an unsolicited call or email. Please notify us immediately if you receive unusual calls or emails claiming to be from Southern Illinois Bank. Be especially wary of those requesting account information to "award a prize" or "verify a statement."